Finny Mutt Mitt Dispenser Pack

Finny Mutt Mitt Dispenser Pack (200 ct.)

An easy-to-use, effective way to clean up pet waste. Great for traveling, daily walks, obedience classes or whatever. Simply insert hand into mitt, open pouch, collect litter in the pouch and turn inside out for disposal. Use for solids or liquids, cats or dogs. Can be carried in any coat pocket or glove box. It is totally degradable, bio-degradable, and oxidative degradable with a degradation period equal to that of a leaf. Easily shredded or composted. Easy and effective way to clean up mess. Great for traveling. Bio-degradable. Easily composted.


Are you using innovative products for dogs? K9 teams sets very high standards for each dog team and goes through yearly certifications to ensure top performance from both the dog and its handler. With the dogs’ help, we are able to reduce the area to be searched by rescue divers, which helps reduce the time in finding the victim, along with reducing the time rescue divers are required to be in the water.
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